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Control Panel Overview


The online control panel lets you control most aspects of your web hosting account. This overview covers the domain control panel. Although the information here applies to all accounts, users with reseller plans should see that section of our support area for information on the additional control panel options for their accounts.

See your order information e-mail for details on how to log into the control panel. The procedure will be different depending on what type of account you have.

Domain Options

Here is a brief overview of the various options in the domain control panel:

Navigation Pane - The left-hand side of the control panel contains a navigation pane with several options. The most useful of these is probably the Help button; you can click this button at any time to get context-sensitive help relating to the control panel screen you are viewing.
Report - This give you an overview of the domain's statistics. Statistics are updated every morning at 4 AM Pacific time. Please note that some statistics may not be available until after your domain has been set up and running for 24 hours.
Limits - Lets you view account limits for the domain.
Domain Administrator - This screen lets your view administration options for your domain. There are two important functions in this screen. First, this is where you would change the control panel password for this domain. (Please note this only changes the control panel password, and not other passwords like e-mail or FTP.) The other important element is the Domain Administrator information (near the bottom). Of particular importance is the e-mail setting; this is the e-mail address that will receive automated notices about the domain. You should always keep this up-to-date with your current e-mail address. Note that other Domain Administrator information fields are optional and it is not necessary to fill them in if you do not wish to.
Custom Buttons - Advanced users can add their own control panel buttons here. Most users can ignore this option.
Mail - This lets you add e-mail addresses and configure various e-mail options.
DNS - This will let you view the DNS options for the domain. Most users can ignore this information. Users that need a specific DNS entry should contact technical support for assistance.
Databases - Lets you add and configure MySQL databases. Database administration (phpMyAdmin) can be accessed from this screen.
Certificates - This is where SSL certificates can be added and configured. Most users can ignore this option. Users requiring SSL should submit a support request ticket as additional server configuration is needed to activate SSL.
Setup - This lets you view the hosting configuration for the domain. One important function: This is where you can change your FTP password.
Web Users - This function is not supported by Intelligent Hosting.
Subdomains - Lets you add and configure subdomains for your account. (Subdomains—also called "third-level" domains—allows you to create one or more prefixes for your domain name which are treated as a separate area of your website. For instance, let's say your domain name is; you can create a subdomain called in which you can put your product catalog or shopping cart software.)
Directories - Lets you add password protection to a directory.
Log Manager - Here you can view the "raw" log files. This is primarily for advanced users; most users can ignore this option.
File Manager - The file manager lets you upload and manipulate website files and directories. It works like FTP software. The file manager is useful for uploading and manipulating a few files, but those with complex websites will want to use full-featured FTP software.
Crontab - This function is not supported by Intelligent Hosting.
Site Preview - This option is useful if you are transferring a website from another hosting provider and don't want to change the DNS information for your domain name until you have your site up and running in your new hosting account. If you have registered a domain with with Intelligent Hosting or have already changed the DNS information for your domain name to point it to your Intelligent Hosting account you don't need Site Preview.
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