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Control Panel Security Warnings


When logging in to your control panel you will see a security notice like the one pictured at right. You should click the Yes button to proceed.

Why the security alert? To increase security, our control panel system uses SSL security certificates on all of our servers to ensure that your user name and password are transmitted in encrypted form, so if the data is intercepted they would be virtually impossible to decipher. The reason you get the security alert is because of the way that security certificates work. Each security certificate must be linked to a specific domain name for it to function without a warning message. Because your control panel uses your domain name (or no domain name if you have a multiple-domain or reseller plan), the name does not match that of the security certificate and the warning is generated. Rest assured, this does not affect the security of the transmission.

The bottom line is that you should click Yes to the security warning. Despite the fact that you're receiving a warning, you're getting enhanced security because of the security certificates.

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